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Get a cash offer to sell your house fast.

Avoid the tedious process of selling your home on the MLS. Forget about worrying about repairs, cleaning for showings, or facing unpredictable costs. I buy Land, Residential , Multifamily and Commercial Property; if you need to make moves now, then:

RAW Land Development

Sitting on land with no plans? Let’s talk options from creative financing options or creative partnering, which will make you money the smarter way, instead of paying holding costs. You only live once, what are you waiting on?? Let’s partner and develop! 

List Your Property on MLS

Often times listing your Property on the MLS with a Real Estate Broker is the best move; it is the traditional way and the most common way to sell. I can help you sort out if selling on the global retail market with our brokerage partner “Lone Star Luxury” is the better option for you.

Seller Financing helps sellers realize more profits.

Sellers are waking up to more profits, monthly passive income, and better options for mitigating capital gain taxes:

We Work With Your Goals

My name is Mike Dee and I solve real property problems. I’m a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker of 20+ years with thousands of completed real estate transactions. I specialize in creative financing and solution selling which benefits both Buyers and Sellers, not banks.

List Your Property on the MLS

World Class Real Estate Marketing with Lone Star Luxury on the retail market. 

Selling Texas Real Estate is our focus, and your benefit.

Creative Real Estate Solutions: 
Goal Achieving and Tension Relieving

The way we earn money is by providing people with real estate services which are needed and useful. We exchange our time, knowledge, and services, for money or real estate. Our financial return will be in direct proportion to our service. Success is not the result of making money,  making money is the result of success, and success is in direct proportion of our services.

Always Avoid Foreclosure

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Make More Money Seller Financing

Be The Bank

The Smarter Way to Sell Assets

We Buy AS IS, any Condition!

Fast Cash Closes

No Commissions, No Financing periods

Do you have undeveloped Land?

Land Development

Ask us about Equity Partnering

We buy and sell Condos/Townhomes


We also condo convert Apartments

It’s a Business We Know!

Commercial R.E.

Sub to, Seller finance or get cash offer!

Mike sold all my real estate in Austin, TX. I had a difficult situation on a 78704 duplex which he then helped me remodel, condo convert, and seller finance to buyers he had in his network. Mike opened up the world of seller finance to me and now I get monthly passive income and make interest off the properties I sold with him.”

Fred Winkelmann

Happy Seller, Now Retired

“Mike found several properties for me to fix and flip, some I was paid well to remodel with my own judgement and style, and some with equity partnering where I was paid minimum on the construction process and split the equity with him upon the sale. I’ve worked with Mike for 18 years in Texas and highly recommend his real estate expertise.” 

Kimry Paul

Happy General Contractor in Texas

This is How it works:


Fill out our easy forms on this website about your property, and how we contact you. For a cash offer start here, for creative financing options start here.


Receive an expertly created offer.

We will create a fair offer just for you. We most likely contact you for any missing information to articulate an offer for you using creative finance or a fast cash offer.

Sell property without the stress.

Get your property problem solved and get paid. We take care of the entire process and close as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on your next moves. 


Do you owe more than your Home is Worth? Are you Behind on Payments? Do you want to Sell direct to a Buyer and NOT use a REALTOR?  Are you Facing Foreclosure? Looking to Sell using Creative Financing Options that will Make You more Money?

Then You Need a Real Property Hero!