Behind on Payments?

Are you behind on Payments or facing foreclosure?

In real estate you never have a money problem, you only have a creativity problem.

Note: We are Property buyers that work with sellers in difficult positions like falling behind on your mortgage payments or folks who have received a foreclosure notice. A foreclosure really is the atomic bomb on your credit, plus why would you want the bank to take your home? We do not offer for-fee foreclosure avoidance services, such as loan modification services. We however do save property owners from losing their home to the bank or other entities capable of foreclosing on your property.

Homeowners falling behind on their mortgage or facing foreclosure have options in today’s market. Individual Realtors, attorneys, and financial planners do not typically know creative financing options available for property owners like a seasoned real estate investor does. What ever you do, always avoid losing your property! We have created a comprehensive list of strategies (below) for your reference that we can explore with you to get you out of a property that needs rescuing.


Temporary Restraining Orders


Forbearance Plans

Loan Modification


Our goal is to help homeowners with their difficult problems. We treat each person and situation individually and we get personally involved with you to solve your problems. At Real Property Hero, we want to understand your unique situation and apply our vast knowledge of strategies to help you in your situation.

We know you place your trust in us and that’s why each homeowner’s information is treated confidentially. In addition, we pride ourselves on working with you on your timeline and providing regular updates so you can make the best decision. Together we can help you take the next step in your life.

For Traditional and Creative Selling Strategies [including Short Sales, Wraps, Mortgage Payment Assignment, Lease/Optioning, and more: CLICK HERE

Whatever you do, always AVOID FORECLOSURE
Whatever you do, always AVOID FORECLOSURE